Not only am I a photographer but I’m also a self-confessed eco warrior!  I do my upmost to make my business, house and family as eco-friendly as we can afford to be. At home our milk is delivered in glass bottles, I love a charity shop – I hate fast fashion, both my kids have worn biodegradable nappies from birth and my husband gets the hump every time he has to empty our quite leaky compostable bins. I’m proud of the fact my daughter knows to say no to plastic items when shopping and doesn’t argue when Mummy says ‘no you can’t have that, it’s not recyclable’.

Some of the ways I’m trying to reduce my environmental impact through my business SpinKreative are:

By supporting and volunteering with local charities and initiatives around sustainability and environmental concerns. For example I did the event photography for HACC which stands for Hertford and Our Changing Climate.  If you’d like to know more check out 


I no longer provide DVDs of my photographs.  If required I will supply cork or cornstarch based USB sticks sourced from an approved sustainable supplier, but I do prefer to send my clients their images via an internet transfer provider.  The client can then download their photographs themselves.


Kit….I do admit I’ve got a lot of kit…But rather than filling my storage units with more non-recyclable items I make a conscious effort to source great quality second hand bits whenever I can. I will also try to resell or donate items I no longer need reducing items going to landfill.


It’s amazing how many batteries I need to fully stock my kit bag for wedding photography.  So I use rechargeable batteries in all my kit rather than an endless supply of single use AA and AAA batteries. 


For shoots which do not needed a huge amount of kit I will utilise public transport whenever I can instead of driving.


I try not to print unnecessary work and the bits I have to print are done so on recycled paper. I also use recycled stationery.


Unfortunately old photographs contain a coating (made up of chemicals, plastics and metals) which means they can’t go in your recycling. You can usually check if a photo can be recycled by tearing it - if it’s easy to rip and is a clean tear like paper it could be recyclable.


If my clients want to print photos with consideration for how they are produced and their end of life I’d recommend a supplier like:


For wedding albums Folio is brilliant and is the supplier I recommend to my clients - you can read more about their environmental approaches here:


If you want details of other local sustainably conscious wedding suppliers I’ve got a fabulous network of likeminded businesses who provide the following; dresses, menswear, childrenswear, jewellers, florists, venue stylists, venues, cakes and more!

Should you be feeling brave you can use this fantastic carbon calculator site to see the projected environmental impact of your wedding 


Also for more information about sustainability in the wedding sector specifically check out the Sustainable Wedding Alliance’s website. 


I am delighted to say I became a member of SWA in 2022 - exciting times!

"Captured the mood"

Spinkreative just did our wedding at the end of September. Emily was amazing.

We have just got the photos back and we are so pleased with them. She has captured the mood of celebration and happiness that we felt through the day to perfection.

We are both very grateful